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“Eelco has a natural talent for asking the right questions to address certain issues such as limiting beliefs, getting out of your comfort zone and while doing so, discovering your life purpose. Though the sessions were at times intensive, it always left me with some food for thought. Be prepared to (re)discover yourself.”
Suraya D.

The Hague, The Netherlands

“First I thought coaching would be nothing for me but then I realized that there are a number of important things in the near future where I can use some assistance. After the first session I already started to think a lot more about choices. I strategized a lot better about my goals because I clearly defined my core values. Because of the sessions with Eelco I was able to make better choices for myself based on my values.”
Rémy K.

Alkmaar, The Netherlands

“Eelco is a person with positive attitude and is very calm, and likes to help others. He always looks for the positive side of any problem and he has shown me how to deal with the problem with a peaceful mind. After the sessions I felt more confident and energetic; prepared to face the obstacles in my life. He is also very knowledgeable and had book suggestions that turned out tailor-made for my situation.”
Dennis B.

Willemstad, Curaçao