Enhance your leadership skills and performance

Are you:

  • A C-level executive, director, manager, project leader?
  • Looking to enhance your leadership skills?
  • Driven to optimize your performance?
  • Willing to take a critical look at yourself?

Then leadership coaching is definitely for you.


The results of the program

  • You have more influence in your organization.
  • You can implement difficult changes.
  • You achieve better results.
  • You experience more peace of mind.

Who is leadership coaching suitable for?

Leadership coaching is suitable for anyone who has a managerial position, whether you’ve just started managing or are a seasoned CEO. Each stage of development has its own challenges, but a few examples of development goals are:

Improve collaboration

You lead a team with different people who all have their own personality, needs and motivations. The cooperation between you and your employees and between them can improve. There is complaining in the team, friction, and the results could be better.

How would it be if the team were to operate 100% effectively again without having to become best friends?


Enhance your leadership skills

You want more influence in the organization. You want more commitment from your team. You want to improve your leadership skills as you move into new, unknown territory.

How would it be if your team works for you instead of the other way around?


Clarity about strategy and direction

You want to have clarity about the strategy and direction of the organization. Whether you determine the strategy yourself or whether your managers have clarity is the key to success.

How would it be if you have the strategy clear and it is supported by the entire organization?

Grow the organization

You are ready for the next step. You want to expand your business geographically or the products. This requires a clear plan of action. Have all risks been identified? Is the team ready and do they embrace the direction?

What would it be like if your company grew without costing you more hours?

How does leadership coaching work?

A leadership trajectory is always tailor-made because there are different phases in the development of a leader.

  • First we determine the desired results with you and your manager.
  • Assessments will be made that provide insight into your behavior and how your team sees you.
  • What are your strengths and what are your pitfalls?
  • Draw up an action plan with support and specific measurable milestones.
  • Implementation of and feedback on new behavior.
  • Ensuring new behavior sticks and reporting.

A session typically lasts 1.5 hours. You can determine the frequency yourself. However, my experience shows that you get the best results the fastest if you meet every week or every other week. If you keep between sessions for more than two weeks, you may lose momentum; things disappear from your radar. Moreover, a lot can happen which can make it difficult to keep focus.

The sessions can take place online or in each other’s physical presence (face-to-face). Coaching can happen online by phone, or via Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp call, etc., provided your internet connection is fast enough. If you want to meet physically, I rent a coach room in The Hague, or we take a walk through the forest or the dunes. As an exception I can also come to you. Ask for the possibilities.

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