Towards an optimally functioning team!

Do you have questions like:

  • How do I make my team work better together?
  • How do I make my team work more productively and efficiently?
  • How do I implement the upcoming change and make sure my team is behind it?
  • How do I professionalize my team?

Then team training / team coaching is definitely for you.


The results of the training

  • There is confidence in the team.
  • Team members recognize each other’s qualities and pitfalls.
  • There is a common goal and everyone speaks the same language.
  • Optimal results are achieved and the team members enjoy their work.

Who is team training / team coaching suitable for?

Team training is suitable for any leader that wants his or her team to perform optimally without sacrificing job satisfaction. Each team training is tailor-made depending on what is going on in the team. A few examples of development goals are:

Improve collaboration

You lead a team with different people who all have their own personality, needs and motivations. The cooperation between you and your employees and theirs can improve. There is complaining in the team, friction, and the results could be better.

How would it be if the team were to operate 100% effectively again without having to become best friends?


Work more productively and efficiently

Meetings are long and boring, and no decisions are actually made. Many e-mails are sent back and forth and yet people do not understand each other. You know it can be done more efficiently, but you just can’t manage to change it.

How would it be if your team works for you instead of the other way around? That the employees take responsibility for their share of the work.

This training exposes the underlying patterns and also gives the practical tools to do the work more efficiently.


Implement change

Whether you want to scale down or grow, or want a culture change, want to merge with another company or team: change is a challenge.

How do you ensure that it runs smoothly and that the team members support the new course?

This training ensures that everyone contributes to the future so that everyone speaks the same language and the change is sustainable.


Professionalize a team

Some companies started out with friends and acquaintances, business went well and it was very pleasant. But to take your team to the next level now you need a change in working method and mindset.

This training helps you to implement this change without sacrificing job satisfaction.


How does a team training work?

Each team training is tailor-made depending on your wishes and the challenges the team has. It is important that a training:

  • Brings lasting behavioral change.
  • Is interactive and energetic.
  • Is fun.
  • Cuts to the core.

A training usually lasts a whole day from 9 am to 5 pm. Often several training days are required. Training days of a half day are also possible. It is important to build in evaluation moments after the training to see what worked and what did not and to make adjustments if necessary so that the changes are permanent. The learned should stick. The evaluation moments can last 1 to 2 hours and can also be conducted in the form of peer review.

The training can take place online or in each other’s physical presence (face-to-face). Physically can be done in-company or at a nice external location. Online trainings are done via Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams call, etc., provided the internet connection is fast enough.

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