Tonight, it’s All Hallows’ Eve, also known as Halloween. Traditionally, the coming two days are to remember and honor the dead, especially Saints, and praying for recently departed souls who have yet to reach Heaven. A long time ago, the night before All Saints Day, people spend the night thinking over the good and helpful lives of persons that were Saints to them and praying they might be like them.

Can you think of a person that passed away who was helpful to you and did good in your life? Someone who is a Saint to you. Honor them tonight.

During All Hallows’ Eve, some people dress up like the Saints, others wear masks and costumes in order to avoid being recognized by vengeful ghosts and evil spirits. Others believed that during All Hallows’ Eve, the dead of the cemeteries rose for one wild, hideous carnival, known as the dance macabre.

The origins of Halloween customs are typically linked to the Gaelic festival Samhain. Samhain marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or de ‘darker half’ of the year. During this time, the ‘spirits’ or ‘fairies’ could more easily come into this world. These entities were both feared and respected. The souls of the dead were also said to revisit their homes seeking hospitality. People started to dress up like these souls and spirits and go door-to-door asking for offering on their behalf (trick or treat). If a household donated food (treat), it meant good fortune. Otherwise, misfortune would fall upon the household (trick).

Interesting history, right? You might dress up and wear an actual mask tonight to avoid harm from evil spirits. Or you might not.

I believe that most people wear masks the whole year round to avoid harm: being judged, not being accepted, criticism, etc.

My point is, whether you disguise yourself tonight for fun tonight, take off the mask after tonight and don’t put on any other mask tomorrow. If you wear a mask, the inauthenticity will eat you up from the inside. Don’t be afraid to be criticized, judged, not to be accepted, etc.

There will always be people who will dislike you no matter what you say or do. The problem is, the people you best connect with won’t be able to find you as long as you wear a mask; as long as you are being inauthentic.

Happy Halloween.