Singing blackbird

This morning at 5 am I was woken up by the song of a blackbird. It reminded me of my youth. Back then, from February onwards, a blackbird would wake me up with its song.

Although I am having the flu, the sounds triggered in me a happy memory and the related happy emotion. I learned that blackbird males especially sing when their wife is breading the eggs on the nest. So, I like to think he was singing a happy song.

The great sages tell us that happiness is not to be found in objects or experiences but rather inside of us. Well, I sensed a happiness that is so similar to the happiness thirty years ago. So, maybe, without knowing, I got a glimpse of the changeless happiness that is within me.

They say that seemingly small things can trigger that happiness in you. I can say that for the last four years I have been enjoying small things intensely; sunsets, the beauty and scent of flowers, songs of birds, the taste of fruit, the warmth of the sun on my face, etc. Does that make me special? No, it doesn’t. It does, however, make me realize how special life is.

Before you focus on the “big” things in life, first enjoy the (seemingly) little things. Then you will find out that happiness is not that far away. What are examples of little things you enjoy in life?

To enjoy the song of a blackbird in spring: