Do you celebrate your success? Or do you not celebrate successes because you think about what’s the next thing around the corner? Thinking about what might go wrong?

A voice in your head might say: “Don’t get complacent, keep your eyes on the ball!”

Two strategies to change this around: Have confidence in yourself and embrace uncertainty.

It’s liberating.

Two perspectives: Trust and control. Do you trust life? Or do you want to control life? Control is fear-driven. Trust is about empathy towards yourself and others, gratitude, exploration of the situation and being creative.


How to generate more trust in yourself and the process?

It’s just a matter of perspective. Just accept things as they are. Trust that things will work out. You will find a way.

Is your perspective: “Life is hard and if I work hard enough I can gain more control over life”?

I’d like to offer you a different perspective: “Life will only give you challenges you can handle.” What if that perspective is also true? It’s just an assumption that you can’t handle them, that you can’t find a solution. You can! Or, if you really can’t change the situation, like Eckart Tolle says: “If you can’t change your circumstances of situation; accept the situation. Don’t fight what is.”

You need someone to question your thinking. So you can see other perspectives that might be more helpful for you in your current situation. A coach can do that for you.

(Real lasting) Happiness is an inner game.

Do you want to uncover your (limiting) perspectives and assumptions and do you want some other perspectives? Let’s talk.