If you are ready to create the life you deserve and make an impact on the world, here is how we can do it together.

Purpose Clarity Program (5 weeks)

A personal one-on-one coaching program, created by Carol McClelland, PhD, that gives a step-by-step framework to convert your passions and interests in a pretty clear purpose and direction in just 5 weeks.

This is a program for people who know what their passions and interest are, but were unable to create a career or life purpose out of it. In just five weeks you will create an umbrella statement of your life purpose which you can explore or implement on your own, or deepen the insights with the Deep Life Purpose Program, or move to the Making-it-Real package.

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Deep Life Purpose Program (20 weeks)

If you have lived your life on auto-pilot, walking the path others carved out for you, you probably have moved far away from your authentic self. Finding your life purpose then needs more intense introspection. This is a personal one-on-one coaching program that requires a lot of self-reflection and inner work. If you commit to the fieldwork, in 20 weeks you can get a very clear life purpose that truly resonates with you.

Making-it-Real Package (15 weeks)

Sometimes we know what we want to achieve in life but we are paralyzed by fear, procrastination, overwhelmed by all the action steps, or you just don’t know where to start. Or maybe you have tried everything to reach your goals but something invisible to you is holding you back: assumptions, old behaviors, negative habits, limiting beliefs, etc. In 15 sessions I guide you through the most common obstacles so we can find out what is holding you back.

Tailor Made Package

If you have a specific goal you want to work on: lose weight, get out of a toxic relation, work on your self-confidence, etc., then schedule a call and we will make a package that is tailor-made to your situation.

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