My own journey to success

My story

As a child I, was very passionate about life. I was curious and creative. I went into nature a lot and studied plants, trees and animals my father told/taught me about. I was crazy about history; kings and castles, the Romans, dinosaurs, and archaeology. I was also reading about science; I just wanted to know how the world works.

Then when I went to high school, things changed. I began to feel insecure. I started looking up to people, thinking they knew best and second guessing myself. Gradually I lost my passion and confidence in myself. Unfortunately, I started walking the paths that others recommended for me in my career choices. I followed career advice from others. I accepted job ‘opportunities’ that came on my path and studied careers recommended by others.

Eelco Baak

Then at age 31, my marriage, career and health were all suffering. At that point, when I touched rock bottom, I started studying personal development books to get me out of this mess. I rediscovered myself, learned what my core values were and started aligning my life with them. The effects were amazing! Today I live a simple, happy and fulfilling life. I get up in the morning with a lot of energy and sense of purpose. I am not afraid of obstacles anymore. My health is great and I feel peaceful. I have built in new healthy habits; for instance, I have been meditating daily since 2015 without missing one day.

I am still working on some areas of my life and I am okay with that because I have overcome greater obstacles. I am an ongoing student of life and I am happy to share my confidence and enthusiasm with you.

I feel the need to give back to the world because everywhere I see people stuck in a rut in life, not being passionate about what they are doing. What I want for you is to feel happy, content and fulfilled in life. I want to partner with you to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from living your life purpose. I partner with you to (re)discover why you were born.

Personal life

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. I studied Mechanical Engineering and Latin American Studies. My career includes positions in both fields and even combined. I worked at Latin American embassies, in insurance companies, in the renewable energy industry as a consultant and manager, amongst others.

I have lived in the Netherlands, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Morocco, and Curaçao. And I have travelled to 25 countries around the world. The last six years I have lived on the Caribbean island of Curaçao, but have moved back to the Netherlands with my son in 2018. I am grateful for all the countries I have lived in and have travelled to. The knowledge and inspiration I draw from all of these cultures and languages has opened a beautiful world to me which I use in every day coaching.

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