Trainings I provide are always tailor-made so they fit your organization’s needs seamlessly.

These are the trainings and workshops I offer:

Team training

Is your team not yet working optimally together? Do you think your team can achieve better results? Do you want to take your team to a new phase?

Team coaching is for teams that strive for maximum productivity and maximum fulfillment.

Team coaching ensures sustainable behavioral change that leads to more job satisfaction and an optimally functioning team.

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Personal Branding

Do you want to ensure that the right opportunities and people come your way?

The Personal Branding workshop is for people who are looking for a new job or position and who want to express themselves powerfully and distinctively in a spoken or written pitch.

Through this workshop you look at yourself differently and you will know how to describe yourself and your ambition so that people remember this.

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DISC training

We all unconsciously see the world through slightly different glasses. As a result, communication can be difficult.

By gaining insight into your own unconscious preferences and those of others, you can adjust your communication so that you work together more effectively and achieve better results.

In a light-hearted and interactive way, this training ensures that there is more understanding and confidence in a team and one learns to appreciate each other’s talents.

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Vitality, resilience, and Stress & burnout prevention

Having an employee sick at home costs a company a lot of money. This training is meant to prevent this.

You learn to recognize signs of stress, stress, exhaustion and burnout in time and to take action, both as a manager and employee.

You learn to recognize and deal with non-helping patterns in thoughts and in lifestyle. This increases your resilience; not to do more work and continue longer, but by stopping and refueling in time you become more effective and keep your happiness at work.

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