If you are ready to create the life you deserve and make an impact on the work, this is how we could work together:

Life Coaching

Do you want a more fulfilling life? More balance and peace in your life? Or reach your goals faster? Then life coaching is definitely for you.

Life coaching is for anyone who wants to get more out of life.

Life coaching provides deep personal insights that lead to better choices and thus better results.

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Leadership / Executive coaching

Leadership or executive coaching is meant to enhance your leadership- or management performance and/or skills.

Leadership coaching is for all (project) leaders, administrators, managers who want to enhance their skills and want to deal more effectively with challenges, and want to ensure these benefits long-term.

As a leadership coach I support you and will be a sparring partner who ensures that you continue to perform at your best.

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Life Purpose / Career / Outplacement

Do you want to know what you really want in life? What your life purpose is? Do you want to make a career switch? Then choose the Life Purpose Program.

The Life Purpose Program is for anyone who wants to do something that truly makes him/her happy and which is meaningful for the world.

You will get insights about what you find important, what you want, what you are good at, and how you translate that into a new job or maybe even your own company.

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Expat Coaching

Expat coaching is for expats or expat spouses that experience feelings of frustration, feel like they don’t belong, or have the feeling they’ve lost their identity, or feel undervalued.

Do you want to be the captain on your ship again? Do you want to use your talents again? Do you want to be seen again?

This program enables you to get your life back. You will get the tools to become confident you can make a difference in your life.

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